Canada’s technology industry is incredibly important for the nation’s economy and development. It plays a vital role in fostering innovation, driving future growth, and helping the country progress. That’s why Canada has a huge demand for tech talent from all over the world.

This demand is evident in various ways, especially through the introduction of category-based draws under Express Entry. These draws specifically target skilled workers in STEM professions, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. You can find more information about Express Entry category-based draws here.

To meet the growing demand for tech workers across the country, there are several work permit options available for individuals in the IT field. Three examples of these work permits are the Global Talent Stream (GTS), CUSMA Professionals (under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement), and Intra-Company Transfers (ICT). These options provide great opportunities for IT professionals to work in Canada and contribute to the thriving technology sector.

First, there is the Global Talent Stream( GTS). Part of the country’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, this special immigration pathway is designed to help Canadian employers hire foreign tech talent quickly. If an applicant is referred to the stream or has the right skills for specific roles, they can fast-track their work permit application and start working in as early as two weeks. This option is ideal for applicants seeking a Canadian career in software engineering, web design, cyber-security specialists, and computer programming. (Note: The GTS also offers work permit exemptions for highly skilled workers in certain occupations and researchers working on research projects at publicly-funded institutions.)

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