Submitting Spousal Application

The IRCC requires the application to include sponsor application and permanent residence application at the same duration.

Steps in Application Process

A sponsor should download the application package via the IRCC website. The package features a documents checklist for both parties, forms required to be filled, and a detailed instruction guide to the process.

After appropriate filling of the documents and counterchecking the documents’ alignment to the guidelines, the sponsor proceeds to make payments of the application fees on the IRCC website. They include processing fees, permanent residence, and biometrics fees.

Submitting the final application is then completed to IRCC via mail, and both parties can continue waiting through the processing time and feedback.

Spousal Immigration Statistics

After slowed admissions of spousal immigration requests due to Corona Virus, IRCC broadcast plans to complete up to 6,000 spousal immigration applications per month between September and December in 2020. As established by the IRCC, sponsorship applications were 4000 in September than 2000 in July 2020, showing a doubled increase in the completed applications.

IRCC is committed to finalizing even more spousal sponsorship applications throughout 2020 to fulfill their set objectives. There were significant developments in overseas applications after 2,000 applications were completed in September compared to 800 in July of 2020. IRCC has witnessed considerable growth in both in-land and overseas processing pushing the IRCC towards their goals and visions.

Failure to fill the form appropriately and other essential aspects may lead to returning the application to the person who submitted it. Thus, it is crucial to read the guidelines keenly and follow the lawful procedure to sponsor your partner to Canada.

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