On May 31, 2018, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program conducted a new Expression of Interest draw, inviting candidates to one of three available streams. There were 504 total applicants across the three programs.

The Human Capital Pathway program, part of the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, invited 262 candidates to apply. The lowest ranking candidate in this stream scored 584 points.


To qualify for the Human Capital Pathway, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a close relative in Manitoba or past education or work experience in the province.
  • Have six months recent experience in a Manitoba in-demand occupation.
  • Meet or exceed specific minimum language requirements.

The Strategic Recruitment Initiative (SRI), also part of the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, invited 55 candidates. The purpose of the SRI is to invite a group of candidates to apply to fill a specific labour market need. The lowest score among these applicants was 698 points.

The third stream, the Skilled Workers In Manitoba (SWM) program, invited 187 candidates to apply. The lowest score among those who applied was 485 points.

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