[QUESTION] Should I Consider Moving to Canada ?

Why move to a country for work before knowing some crucial points? I mean why move anywhere without knowing what the weather is going to be like, what the lifestyle is like, and so on and so on. So why would you go to work in a country without realizing what the cost of living is, how healthcare works, and how much you are going to be taxed?


Just like any place else I know, if you live in the city, rent is going to be much higher in Canada than if you live in the outskirts. The highest rent that you would most likely pay is approximately $1,274 and the least is around $594 and utilities average is around $150 of United States money. Groceries are comparable to those prices in the United States as well. All in all, cost of living is less expensive in Canada than in the United States.


Healthcare in Canada is mostly funded by the government and everyone has the same services available to them. However, in order to receive this healthcare you have to have a healthcare card. If you do not have a healthcare card you may have to have a private insurance. However, you may not be required to have insurance at all.


Sales tax ranges anywhere from 5% all the way up to 15% and is added at the point of sale. Now for the real stuff, how much will be taken out of your paycheck? For about the first $44,000, 15% will be taken out. After that it goes up to 22% for anything approximately between $44,000 and $88,000. The next bracket goes up to 26% for anything approximately between $88,000 and $136,000. The final bracket goes up to 29% and is anything approximately over $136,000.