The Latest Immigration Programs in the Northwest Territories of Canada

The Government of Canada is looking to source international talent and workforce to promote constant growth of the economy in the Northwest Regions of the country.

The latest immigration strategy which is introduced by the Government of Canada for the Northwestern territories for the period of 2017-2022 is looking for individuals with some sort of post- graduate educational qualification and relevant work experience which can add to the region’s lively economy. These requirements should be fulfilled by as much as 78% of the total needed immigrants by the country.

The aim of this new immigration strategy is to dissolve fresh talent of international skilled- people, capable entrepreneurs, uniting the administrative procedure and motivating international work- force to reside and work in north- western territories of Canada.

The five objectives which the Government of Northwest Regions wants to achieve by implementing this strategy are as follows:

  1. To charm foreign nationals to settle in the northwestern part, where specific needed skills can come in handy in the growth of region’s economy.
  2. To promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in the northwestern region of Canada which will add to the region’s economy.
  3. To be diligent in giving permanent residency to the international skilled workforce.
  4. To advertise and educate the foreign nationals and northwestern workers about their rights and duties which they should adhere to.
  5. To Unite the managerial effortsof Education, Culture, and Environment (ECE) & Immigration, Tourism and Investment (ITI) respectively.

“The region specific strategy will go a long way in improving immigration facilities for the foreign nationals for the coming five years. It will help in making the northwestern region culturally diverse and will also attract tourism as a result. These decisions will have a positive effect on the region’s economy.” Pointed by Alfred Moses– NWT Minister of Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE).

“The spine which is holding NWT economies still is the small business organizations and entrepreneurs. Promoting foreign direct investment and permanent residency will go a long way in making the region’s economy to stand with the world’s other major economies. This can be achieved by making the immigration system responsible and organized.” Pointed by Wally Schumann– NWT Minister of Immigration, Tourism, and Management (ITI).

The NWT regions immigration program is known as Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP). Under this program, seventy-nine foreign nationals were nominated in the past year. These nominated individuals also bring forty-six dependent individuals who took the total number to 125. There is a constant increase in the nominated persons under the NTNP for the last four years.

The NTNP is divided into two streams which are as follows:

  1. Employer Stream
  • Critical Impact Workers

This work- force will take care of the entry level labor jobs. Hence, this head will charm those foreign nationals who are looking to settle in NWT of Canada and are skilled in this type of job.

  • Skilled Workers 

It includes individuals with formal education qualifications, training and work experience in some field. These people can also obtain permanent residency of the NWT part of Canada.

  • Express Entry for Skilled Workers

Skilled workers can also become permanent residents of the country through Express Entry system of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program.

  1. Business Stream

This focuses on individuals who have business backgrounds and entrepreneurs who can escalate the business activity in the NWT and will also help in growing the economy of the region. It can be done by investing and purchasing the local businesses in the Province.

There is also a chance for new comers to get an entry (permanent residency) in the country through the federal programs of the Government of Canada.

The Government of Canada is planning to promote the North Western Region on the international scale where the aspects such as quality of life, reside and work, more simple immigration procedures and care facilities for the newly moved foreign nationals in NWT will be highlighted. It is also pertinent to mention that the whole plan is not referred to the strategic program of the NWT Government.

NWT is rich in non-renewable resources which provide a strong economic center. Also, it will make North Western Region less dependent on other countries for their minerals and petroleum needs. Industries which includes tourism, media, agriculture and fisheries are contributing immensely to the NWT economy. This all adds up to a robust economy which will be beneficial for the immigrants (Nominees and their dependents) hugely. This was all pointed out by the NWT Government in the strategic document of Northwest Territories Nominee Program.

Hence, NWT of Canada is back in the race of world’s largest and biggest economies. Individuals who want to shift to Canada and are in a dilemma to which part of the country to settle in. NWT should be on your list of prospective destination.