The Advantages of Living in Canada – Immigrants’ Haven

Canada has remained a preferred destination for immigrants from all over the world. The country’s immense power to adapt and embrace people of every kind of ethnicity and nationality has long been the catalyst for many immigration-inspired applicants from a variety of destinations. The main reason for this is that Canada is a young nation itself. This means every citizen in the country would have been an immigrant at some point in their lives – a culture that continues to thrive even when Canada has long acquired the status of a secure developed nation.

Major benefits of immigration to Canada

Immigrants all over the world choose the lifestyle change for a few basic reasons:

  • Safety
  • Financial security
  • Better life quality

All 3 of these are fulfilled under the developmental administration o the Canadian Government. The policies within the state have been refined to accommodate a full benefits range for immigrants and laws have been developed to protect their rights and honor within the nation.

  1. Canada has one of the lowest rates of crime and poverty in the world. The country is a very secure ambience for immigrants looking for safety and protection away from their native lands.
  2. Canadian Government offers permanent residence programs for all immigrants. The programs are based on a wide range of criteria and even if you do not qualify in certain ranges, there are different categories of criteria that might be a better fit for your skills and training. Always contact a trained immigration advisor to figure out the best match for your immigration category to be approved within the first rounds of the Canadian Permanent residence and Visa applications.
  3. Canada has a powerfully developed social aid system. This system takes on the responsibility of organizing courses and training for individuals who have recently lost their livelihood and are looking to start anew in the country. This system is a great fit for immigrant aspirants who are looking to adapt o the country and start earning paid wages quickly on settling in the country.
  4. Canadian healthcare system offers a slew of medical healthcare programs and subsidized checkups and routine benefits for all Canadian immigrant residents and national citizens alike.
  5. The Canadian schooling system has a unique standard in the world education arena. Free schooling and subsidized rates for further opportunities with University education makes the country a haven for immigrants looking for better educational opportunities and social security advantages.
  6. The country is both economically and socially at a most stable juncture, particularly compared to many of the world’s powerful nations who are spiralling with a multitude of economical and political fiascos.
  7. Canadian Immigration procedures are not as strict or complex as many other countries. Simple immigration objects are not mandated to be submitted to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) establishment. The immigration authorities of the country take a responsible and humane approach when appraising various immigrant aspirants on the basis of their educational and professional qualifications as well as age, skills and language compatibility.
  8. The Canadian PR Visa rights allow the holder to make the country a key base for their family settlement and business establishment. They are also eligible to get the associated benefits from the NAFTA or the popular free trade agreement option available for residents all over the country. A skilled professional can also look for work in USA under the popular TN visa status, once they have acquired the permanent citizenship as a professional immigrant in Canada.

With the proper time as permanent citizens of the country, the Visa holder can also get the chance to apply for a Canadian passport and also avail Housing and Banking amenities within the country. Thus the immigration system and policies of the country are designed in a way to aid in a complete lifestyle adaptation of the immigrant aspirants looking to make the country their permanent home and business base.