Learn the Skills in Demand in Canada


Nothing brings back memories of times gone by than standing by the stove cooking up a delicious meal, but nobody was ever born knowing how to cook, and becoming a master chef can take time, patience, and above all the good will to take overdone and undercooked food with a pinch of salt.

It is with this in mind that we introduce our e-Course dedicated to teaching you the basic cooking techniques. From sauteing to searing, and everything in between, this course is guaranteed to provide meal after meal of mouth watering delight.

Take a walk through the essential steps all great cooks know and apply, even those your grandma forgot to tell you about as you watched her wield her spatula with skill. Learn all about the tiny details and seasoning surprises that are often forgotten. Give yourself some time and become the cook you have always yearned to be with an e-Course that is not only easy to follow, but also entertaining and fun for children and adults alike.


It takes dedication and hard work to become fit and healthy, but our home fitness training course will make it seem like a breeze. Get fit, get tough, get rid of the extra pounds in your spare time and get a head start on bringing out the best in you, with a course designed to maximize the amount of exercise you do in the comfort of your own home.

No more money thrown out the window in gyms that only make you feel self conscious, get started on the path of a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and professional way. Let your body be the judge of how far it can go and enjoy the benefits only a good work out can provide.

Remember, you are not alone in your journey to a fit body and a healthy life. Our specially designed home fitness training course will provide all the tools you need to get started and get ahead. The time for fitness is now, so slip on your sneakers and get ready to pump it up!


Did you ever buy a camera thinking about going out into the world and snapping the most poignant and beautiful shots only to end up with blurred subjects and strange shadows on your screen? If so, our digital photography course is exactly what you need to finally take a step forward and learn how to turn that special scene into a memory that will last forever.

From the best lighting for your pictures, to professional tips and tricks, our digital photography course will take you by the hand and lead you down a road of fantasy and reality all melded into the lens of your camera. No matter how little or how much experience you already have, whether you are just starting out or consider yourself a pro, this course will provide everything you need to know to take the kind of pictures you only see on the cover of a magazine.


Are you thinking about becoming an architect, or maybe you just want to get your feet wet in the field? Before you make a final decision, take a drive down the road of our architecture basics course, where you will discover that there’s more to designing and construction than meets the eye.

From the correct way to get your design started, to the different perspectives and ways you can bring it to life, our architecture basics course will provide you with the key to a world that only exists in your mind. The time to take pen to paper is now, and our course will provide everything you need to know to get started with the career you have always dreamed of in a simple, yet professional way. Review the skills you already have and acquire new ones to call your own with a course that no professional designer or builder should ever go without.


Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the wonders of a spa treatment any time you want or being able to share the experience with a friend or love interest without having to spend a small fortune while you’re at it? If that is your case, our brand new course is what you’ve been looking for.

All the tips and tricks of a professional spa treatment at home are now within reach, thanks to the step by step instructions of a course designed to help you learn everything you need to know to achieve the ultimate spa experience.

From the first steps into the wonderful world of aromatherapy to the secrets of full body relaxation, this course will teach you how to turn the privacy of your home into what can only compare to the most exclusive of spas, one you can enjoy time and time again without investing every penny you’ve saved.


Becoming a professional singer can take many years of schooling and a lot of luck, but now you can reach for stardom in just a short time with our professional singing course. Find out what producers are really looking for and how you can consolidate your talents in the most efficient way.

Now is the time to achieve your lifetime dream of stepping onto a stage and singing to crowds the likes of which you have never seen before. Our professional singing course will teach you the basics and nuances required of every professional singer. Become the star of the future and let the world know what your voice can do, with the tips and tricks we will provide to help you pave the way to the career you have always wanted. Because remember, if you have that special talent, we can help you reach for the stars in no time at all.


Business management is a fascinating career that can open the door to many new and exciting opportunities regardless of whether you are the owner of a small store or are getting ready to take the reins of a large conglomerate. But while most of what is involved includes common sense, business management requires the knowledge only an expert can provide and with our new business management course you are sure to acquire all the tools you will need to achieve success in the field of your choice.

Don’t hesitate, the future is in your hands, a future of financial stability and employment opportunities is within reach with the tips and tricks of the trade our professionally designed course will provide. Step up into the future and take hold of your dreams, we will walk with you step by step as you learn everything you need to become the business manager you have ever wanted to be.


Dancing is an art form and while some are naturally talented, most people need a little coaching to put their best foot forward during a night at the club. Regardless of whether you are fully convinced you have two left feet or you have never tried your hand at club dancing, our club dance course is for you.

Learn a full range of steps, starting with the standard basics to full arrangements that will make you stand out from the rest of the people on the floor. Surprise your partner and friends as you put on the dance show of a lifetime and enjoy the attention your cool moves will get after you have taken our club dance course.

Prepared by some of the best dancers around, this course is bound to take you to new heights as the crowds gather around and try to copy the new moves you will bring to each and every clubbing night.



When you think of mountain hiking, the first thing that comes to mind is the breathtaking view of the world you will have when you reach the top, but climbing up a mountain safely and securely requires skill and professional training, and that is exactly what we will provide with our specially designed mountain hiking course.

Learn all about mountain hiking from the foremost experts in the field, who will provide all the tips and tricks you need to know to make all your hikes the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. Learn how to conserve energy and what to do in case of an emergency, together with special techniques to make the most out of your time out on the trail. Take a minute to breathe in the fresh air of your surroundings, knowing you are fully prepared to face the climb ahead thanks to the course that will change hiking forever.


You know it, you can feel it in your bones, you can hear the music streaming through your body every time a song plays. You were born for it, you are ready and it’s time to take that step forward and become the DJ Master you have always wanted to be. But where do you get started? What equipment will you need? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in our DJ Master lessons course.

Our course, designed by experts for aspiring DJ Masters, will walk you through all the fine aspects of becoming the DJ you have dreamed yourself to be. Picture yourself enjoying the glamor of shows, the noise of clubs and the adoration of your fans as our experts lead you down the path you have chosen. Bring your music to new heights with the help of the best course you will find.



Science has proved that the benefits of practicing yoga outweigh those of any other form of relaxation and fitness, and nothing is better than having your own yoga practice in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the silence and privacy of that special area of your house as you indulge in the revitalizing exercises only a skilled professional can help you achieve.

Learn about the latest techniques to improve your yoga practice in the most convenient and comfortable way as you work towards improved health and physical conditioning. Form your own yoga group and create the lifestyle you have always dreamed for yourself, as your body benefits from all the positive results only the best yoga sessions can provide. From the most basic positions to an expert workout, practicing yoga the right way is now possible in the privacy of your home, and with our home yoga practice course you are sure to enjoy it even more.


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Do you want to be able to work at your owm pace, on your own time, and be able to take time off to be with your family and enjoy the freedom working from home will bring? If so, our course on starting an online business is exactly what you need.

While it may seem simple, a successful online business is created using the tips and tricks the experts who have created our course can provide. Learn all the different aspects of getting started and how to lead your business to the top in little to no time. We will teach you how to focus your efforts in the most efficient and effective manner, helping you create the business you have always wanted but never knew how to start. It’s time to take control of your life and be your own boss, and our course is here to help you reach for the stars.