All you need to know about the US immigration!

‘US Immigration’ refers to the movement of people from various parts of the world into the USA. Considering the recently concluded presidential election in the USA and a new government in the house, there has been a lot of changes in the process of immigration to the USA and it is a fiercely debated political issue with a lot of repercussions and details to be taken into account.

Latest updates and news on US immigration

  • Recent political conditions in the US have made the process of immigrating to the country a very difficult one. Police and judges in the country have been ordered to take a strict stance and harder line against all illegal immigrants. Officials have the orders to detain anyone without papers and prosecute them.

  • H1-Visa for the foreigners looking to immigrate to the USA

The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a) (17) (H). It allows several U.S. employers to employ foreign workers from various countries in specialty occupations for a temporary period.

  • What is the maximum duration for which H-1B visa can be issued?

The visa generally gets issues for 3 years and the maximum duration of the H-1B visa is ten years for exceptional cases

  • Is H-1B visa beneficial to the US? Why and Why not?

The H-1B visa provides a relatively easy path for applying and obtaining green card or the US citizenship. The H-1B visa is intended to enable companies to hire skilled workers where there is no pool of talent capable of filling new job roles.H1-B visas are particularly helpful for the technology companies to fill the demands of the skilled workers.

  • What is Green Card?

A green card is a permanent residency status or permit given to immigrants who are approved to be in the country indefinitely. The people with green card get the permanent citizens status in the USA. However, obtaining a green card in the US is a tedious process and can take a very long time involving a meticulous process.

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Advantages of Immigration to the USA

Benefits for the host country

  • The demands for the Job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled.
  • It gives a boost to the country’s economic growth and the same can be sustained.
  • Immigrants from the foreign nations bring energy, innovation, and newer ideas.
  • One of the benefits of the immigration is that host country gets enriched by the cultural diversity.
  • Migrants bring the benefits to the tourism industry through the development of new air routes.
  • Foreign migrants to the US brings a lot of new ideas and a fresh approach to firms along with great cultural links with developing nations to aid in the international trade process.

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Benefits for the countries of origin

  • It gives a chance to the developing countries to get benefitted from remittances which are the payment sent home by migrants.
  • The rate of unemployment gets reduced and young migrants enhance their life prospects by immigrating to the USA.
  • In most cases, the returning migrants bring a lot of savings, skills, and international contacts to leverage in the home country.

There is no denying that immigration to the USA can be extremely beneficial for migrants, but only if their rights are protected properly in the country. With stricter rules and regulations, Migration to the US brings social and political pressures that need to be considered thoroughly while planning the move. Policymakers should realize that immigration to the US can be economically beneficial for both countries of origin and the host nation.

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