7 Proven (Sure-Fire) Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the Northern America and is also the second biggest country in the World. At the moment, over 33 million people live in Canada. Over the half of the Canadian population is made out of the immigrant people.

The country of Canada is for ages one of the most popular and most attractive countries to be immigrated to. Only in the year of 2001, over 250,000 immigrants had arrived in Canada and got their permanent visas. Every year, new 300,000 immigrants come in Canada.

Most of the immigrants that have settled in Canada say that this country is the best place to live and work in the world and that they would never return to their home countries ever. The reason why the immigrants to Canada like this country is mostly the better life standard. Canada is according to the statistics, one of the countries with the highest GDP, the highest life expectancy, the lowest house and apartment rents, and the best life standard.

Most of the immigrants in Canada come from the countries such as Chin, India, Pakistan, Philippines, the United States, Iran, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and from the UAE.

The countries whose residents are the rarest immigrants to Canada are San Marino, American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Wallis and Fortuna. Don’t be discouraged and fear immigrating to Canada if you come from the before mentioned countries. The Canadian government will do all it can to proclaim you as the permanent resident of the Canada.

If you want to become the part of the good statistic of around 300,000 successful immigrations to Canada, then read below several ways to migrate to Canada. If you implement the ways described to migrate to Canada, you could migrate to Canada faster than usual

The seven fast ways to migrate to Canada are the following approaches:

  1. Go and marry a Canadian-born citizen

It may sound like a piece of advice from a granny living one floor above you, but this is a valid way you can migrate to Canada easily and become Canadian permanent citizen.

When you start dating a Canadian man/woman chances are great he/she will take you out of your shoes, because Canadians are known for their charm, and you would eventually get engaged to a Canadian man/woman. After the engagement, you get married to a Canadian man/woman. Ok, cool, but what are the benefits?


The major benefit of marrying a person who is born in Canada or has a permanent Canadian visa is that you immediately have the right to apply for the permanent Canadian citizenship.

Since Canada has legalised same-sex marriages, if you are a person who dates the Canadian man or woman of the same gender as yours, then you two can get married in Canada, and you get Canadian citizenship. Congratulations

  1. Apply for IEC – International Experience Canada

IEC can be considered as a Working Holiday Visa, which it is. If you obtain this visa, you can in any field of the profession in Canada.

If your age is from 18 to 35, the IEC might be your door-opener to Canada. When you obtain the IEC visa, you have an Open Work Permit, which means that with IEC you need no job offers as it is the case with the Work Permit.

The sad fact about IEC is that it isn’t available for the residents of all the countries in the world. It is only available for the citizens of the countries such as Australia, Norway, Austria, and several other countries.

Check with your Canada Embassy in your country is your homeland supported by the IEC visa of the Canadian Government.


  1. Apply as the Au-Pair (Live-in Caregiver)

People of the Au-pair career, which is considered as a low-qualified career and job, can easily migrate to Canada. To migrate to Canada and work as a live-in caregiver in a Canadian host family, you will need a job offer from a specific Canadian family or a job offer from an Au-pair agency from Canada.

To work as an Au-pair in Canada, you need a Work Permit. You get your Work Permit when you find a Canadian family who will send you a job offer. Also, you can find a Canadian live-in caregiver agency, and they can send both you the job offer and to the Canadian Government Visa branches.

It is a must to have at least four years of high school education and one year of experience in the Au-pair jobs to get the Work Permit visa. Upon your arrival in Canada, where you will work as Live-in caregiver, you will be given the permanent residence.


  1. Student Permit

Student Permit is one of the easiest ways to become the permanent resident of the Canada state. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of money or a good scholarship to enroll at any of the Canadian universities and that Student Permit doesn’t a permanent residence automatically. When it comes to education, Canada houses the best universities in the world and thus it is very attractive to international students.

If you get a Student Permit, you won’t automatically get a permanent residence near your future Canadian college. What you need to know is that not all universities of the Canadian provinces offer international students a Student Permit.

When you apply for the Student Permit and eventually get it, before your leave to Canada you have to inspect what do you need to get the permanent residence from your university. You can find the information how to get the permanent residence after you’ve got the Student Permit on the Provincial Nominee Program website of the Canadian province where you will study.

  1. Visitor Visa

You don’t need Work Permit visa and a job offer to migrate to Canada for a part-time. What you can do also to migrate to Canada for a short period is to obtain a Visitor Visa.

If you plan to migrate to Canada with a Visitor Visa, then keep in mind you can’t work in Canada without the Work Permit visa. Visitor Visa gives you the ability to enjoy in the beauty of Canada for the maximum period of six months, but not to work.


  1. Work Permit with Job Offer

One of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada is to get a Work Permit with a job offer. What you need to do is to be a skilled employer, which means you should have the university education, and you need to have work experience. If you meet the requirements, find a Canadian employer and see if he can give you a job offer over the Canadian-born people skilled in the same profession as you.

With the Work Permit, you have high chances of becoming the permanent resident of Canada.

  1. Trade agreement immigration

The state of Canada has several signed trade agreements with other countries, including the NAFTA agreement.

If you come from a country that has a signed trade agreement with Canada and your company has a Canadian branch, you can migrate to Canada. The trade agreement between your country and Canada gives you the ability to migrate and get employed in Canada without the LMO – Labour Market Opinion.