At the same time, for the Canadian company to process your application as smoothly as possible, it is particularly necessary to take care of the constitution of the file and ensure that the government follows up on your request for a work permit. In practice, the delay during the approval process may vary depending on your specific situation. As an illustration, it may depend on the position offered and the size of the company. The delay can, for example, also require a long time if several interviews are necessary.

Different procedures are applicable depending on whether the foreigner already resides in Canada or not. When the employee does not live in Canada, the company must follow the process of introducing a foreign employee. When the employee resides in Canada, a different procedure is applicable.

When the employee resides legally in Canada via a residence permit that does not authorize him/her to work, the individual must follow the procedure for changing status. Remember, if you wish to work in Canada on a full-time or part-time basis, you must apply for a residence permit. The government can also issue an employee residence permit on the presentation of an employment contract.

Immigration Lawyers

An immigration lawyer or immigrant aid organization will provide you with personalized answers, depending on your situation. However, it would be best if you remembered that Canada offers some of the most transparent processes for international workers and, although the laws are sometimes complex, Canada remains an accessible nation for foreign workers. Also, at the time of hiring, the employer must check that his future employee has the right to work in Canada.


Thus, this article has covered many areas in Canada that may require international workers. However, the economic situation in Canada is frequently shifting, and you may find some new regions post job offers for foreign workers every day.

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