Family Class
The other question is whether IRCC has a renewal plan for the Open Work Permit Pilot that expires on July 31. The pilot is essential for spouses and partners of Canadian citizens awaiting approvals of spousal sponsorship applications. The Parents and Grandparents Program also faced the challenge of being reviewed, leading to further delays.

Both of these groups play a significant role in Canada’s economy. In response, the IRCC states that they will announce details concerning program launch later in 2020. Immigration minister Mendicino noted that the elderly is vulnerable to the disease; hence they are working on approaches to welcome parents and grandparents without exposing them to the disease.

2021-2023 Immigration Level Plan
The immigration level plan 2021-2023 is another most anticipated announcement from Minister Mendicino. The announcement details either the government will re-introduce multi-year or yearly plans, and if the immigration levels will be higher in the coming years. The November 1 announcement aims to shed more light on the pandemic’s impact on both short and medium-term immigration goals.

Notably, immigration benefits Canada significantly more so in promoting its economy and society in general. Despite the uncertainties of COVID-19, the immigration levels are expected to rise in 2021 and the coming years.

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