Invitations rounds

Three different invitation rounds were held in January for Ontario’s French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream under the Express Entry whereby 28 Notification of Interests were issued on the 24th of that month. More rounds were conducted on the 11th and 17th, and 71 NOIs were issued for both rounds. The candidates for this program ought to have brilliant French or English-speaking abilities or be able to meet the standards set by the Canadian Language Benchmark.

They are also needed to have enough money to be able to live In Ontario and support their dependents as required by the official Low-Income-Cut-Offs. Additionally, these candidates are required to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Class or the Canadian Experience Class. They have required a work permit too and be a resident of Ontario at the time of application. Proof of Ontario license is required if needed by one’s current occupation. Lastly, as part of the requirements, candidates are obligated to have at least a year of continuous Ontario work experience with the last two years before receiving a Notification of Interest in National Occupation Classification 633.

In other news, still regarding the OINP, the province of Ontario issued a total of 2500 NOIs to the Express Entry candidates through its linked streams; 1493 invitations issued through the Human Capital Priorities Stream, 71 through the French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, 13 through the Entrepreneur Stream and 371 through the Skilled Trades Stream. Although there had an issue with the Skilled Trades Stream because the OINP had communicated to have issued 889 invitations only for the statistics to be corrected to 371 invitations. The program stated that a lot of NOIs were issued by mistake to candidates who had not qualified for the Skilled Trades Stream.

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