Foreign Work Experience

It is crucial to know that foreign work experience by itself does not improve your CRS score. However, when combined with your CLB rating, it will improve the CRS score. Candidates under the Federal Skilled Worker Program with a minimum of one year of skilled work experience will have a CLB rating of 7. A year of foreign work experience plus a CLB rating of 7 equals 25 to 50 points added to your CRS score. Therefore, the more foreign work experience you have and the higher your CLB rating, the better your chances of Express Entry.

Canadian Work Experience

Canadian work experience substantially impacts the CRS score more than foreign work experience. A single year of work experience in a skilled occupation in Canada is 40 points, and you can add as much as 80 points to your CRS score, depending on your work experience in Canada. One of the best ways to gain Canadian work experience is through a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). After completing an education program in Canada, a PGWP holder can work in Canada for as long as three years, depending on how long the program is.

Moreover, you can improve your CRS score if you have both Canadian and foreign work experience. One year of Canadian work experience plus one year of foreign skilled work experience can get you an additional 13 CRS points. Two years of Canadian and foreign work experience can result in 50 more CRS points.


Getting more education or professional credentials can also improve your CRS score. You get 112 CRS points by completing a certificate, diploma, or degree for a program of three or more years. You will get additional seven points for any academic or professional credentials you acquire.


You can receive an extra 15 points to your CRS score if you have a sibling in Canada who is a natural citizen or permanent resident.

PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Advantage

Some Canadian provinces will scour the Express Entry pool to get eligible candidates for their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The program is designed to look for skilled immigrants who can significantly contribute to their provincial labor force.

A provincial nomination can increase your CRS score by as much as 600 points. It is the one factor that can increase your CRS score by such an amount. You are almost guaranteed an ITA with a provincial nomination.

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