The New Francophone Immigration Strategy

Targeting of French-speaking candidates is meant to boost the number of French-speaking employees in the province.

Currently, only 4% of the population in Nova Scotia list French as their first language. Along with these invites, the province of Scotia Nova also launched its new Francophone ImmigrationAction Plan that is meantto attract more francophone individuals to the region.

This action plan targets French-speaking individuals from various parts of the world to the province of Nova Scotia and retain them by providing high-quality services and support.

The March 20th was also held as a way of marking the 32nd International Day of La Francophone and launch the province’s action plan.

The Francophone Immigration Action Plan outlines various strategies that the province wants to implement to attract a significant number of French-speaking immigrants and support their retention as well.

In a statement released by Nova Scotia’s Immigration Minister, the province reiterates that the francophone immigrants form a vital component of the Nova Scotian culture, identity, and heritage.

The statement goes further to state that the province is proud to celebrate the French language and the francophone culture and honors the outstanding contributions that the French-speaking immigrants have had on the region and country at large.

All those who had registered with the Express Entry pool on the dates mentioned above and list French as their first language will not only receive the addition 600 points but will be in a pole position to get Canadian permanent residence through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. Good luck if you are among this group of people that is targeted by the province of Nova Scotia

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