Statistics on how Workers Over 55 years made Gains

A shocking revelation indicated that employment among citizens aged over 55 years of age increased in October 2019 by a staggering 31, 000 net totals. The unemployment rate was at 4.7 per cent among this group, which was a 0.2 per cent drop from last’s month’s data.

According to the survey, employment gains of this group of individuals had risen by 187, 000 net jobs as compared to the data obtained in October 2018 and this signified a 4.6 per cent increase.

The study also showed that employment was on the decline for men between the age of 25 to 54 years and the drop was by 29,000 net jobs in the month of October 2019 to be precise, as compared to September 2019. According to last year’s data on the same month, the employment of this group was up to 94, 000 net jobs.

On the women part, there was only a negligible change in employment among women aged between 24-54 years and 15-24 years.

Data on how Employment increased or Decreased by industry

In October 2019 the number of employment dropped significantly in construction and manufacturing by 21,000 and 23,000 respectively. Ontario made the largest number on the decline of employment in construction while in the manufacturing sector Ontario and Quebec led the other 10 provinces.

Public administration sector experienced an increase of 20,000 gains in the same month a 7.6 per cent increase from last’s year’s data. Great employment gains were recorded in British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward respectively.

Other sectors that experienced an increase in employment included insurance, finance, real estate, rental, and leasing industry. The increase was up to 64, 000 as compared to last year’s data.

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