Examination of the Data and Eligibility

The number of permit holders with permits have risen during the pandemic. A closer look at these statistics offers insight into who is actively working and who is attending college or a registered trade school. A more thorough investigation of the information provided allows us to look closely at the details. Those with a current work or student status in Canada show the most promise and are at the top of the list. They are among the first to be granted priority for permanent citizenship in Canada.

According to the statistics, roughly 717,000 people held work permits as allowed by the International Mobility Program. Most do not require a federal scrutiny under the Labor Market Impact Assessment. This contrasts greatly with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the latter of which requires its members to do just the opposite.

Some data indicate that there are those who have held study permits. The numbers in this area are estimated at around 530,000 students from abroad. This is a bit of a contrast to the amount of people with an IMP work permit, which is estimated at 62,000, and those with work permits under TFWP. Although these numbers hold strong towards meeting Canada’s immigration goals, there have been concerns that deadlines could be missed.

Applications for Permanent Residency and Citizenship: What Do the Numbers Say?

The number of people graduating from college or trade school have already transferred into a federal work program that allows them to get a permit in order to secure their status. With the way that these numbers work, there are some risks involved. The numbers may duplicate as the number of graduates transition into federal work programs. This raises concerns on the demands of English and French exam registries, which impact the onset of government server crashes. Plus, exceeding the goal will have an impact of its own.


There are some who may fail to meet the general requirements of obtaining Canadian citizenship, such as valuable work experience or a failure to pass the fluency test. There are other instances when exam results may not be received by the deadline or when a permit expires. In cases where people have moved out of the country, their residency is automatically revoked. For those who stay, there are a variety of options available. There is still time for those waiting to apply for citizenship.


The friendly atmosphere that’s so prevalent among the Canadian people makes immigration sound like a dream. And with so many options in mind, new and incoming residents will soon be able to achieve that dream. All that is needed is for those applying to first get a permit and start looking for work in Canada. At the moment, there are about 90% living in Canada seeking permanent residence. The rest remains to be seen.

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