Importance of the Data Collected

The government, through the IRCC, says that the information from the Entry/Exit program will be used in different applications across all lines of business in the immigration sector, citizenship, and in investigations.


Temporary Residence.

The information that IRCC gathers through the Entry/Exit program may be used in determining whether a foreigner has ever exceeded their period of stay in Canada or not.

The following temporary residence types of applications will be used by the IRCC from the Entry/Exit information.

  • Temporary resident visas
  • Temporary residence permits.
  • Visitor records
  • Study permits and study extensions.
  • Work permit extensions and work permits.
  • Electronic travel authorizations. (eTAs).

Permanent Residence.

The IRCC will use all the information that is provided by travelers for the following types of permanent residence applications:

  • Permanent Resident Travel Documents.
  • Permanent Resident Cards.
  • Family Class Sponsorships.
  • Oversees Refugees.

The data that is collected from the above types of applications will be used in tracking the periods each applicant has spent in and out of Canada.

Inland refugee claims.

The information from the Entry/Exit program will be used in investigating the travel history of the in-Canada asylum seekers and also in verifying the information that the claimants provide.

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