It’s also not common for draws to take place so close to one another. Lotteries usually happen every fortnight and an elongated time length between draws gives the Express Entry pool more time allowance to replenish with higher-scoring applicants. The last time draws took place fewer than eight days from each other was in January this year.

The lower Comprehensive Ranking System minimum score in Tuesday’s lottery might be partly attributable to the short time length between draws.

Many provinces in Canada also take part in the Express Entry program, and have committed streams that let candidates in the pool to make applications for provincial nominations.

A candidate in an Express Entry pool who receives a nomination from a province gets an extra 600CRS points and is thus guaranteed an ITA during the next Express Entry draw.

Provincial Draws

Other than the two federal Express Entry draws carried out over the last eight days, several provincial draws have also been held too.

For instance, British Columbia’s Tech Pilot draw on 13th August gave invites to 73 Skills Immigration and Express Entry participants to make an application for provincial nomination. Applicants were required to have offers for employment in one of 29 eligible job titles in British Columbia’s technology sector.

Additionally, Prince Edward Island held a draw on 15th August, handing out 143 ITAs for a provincial nomination. However, not all of those invites were associated to the Express Entry system. On the same day (15th August) Saskatchewan held a lottery too, issuing 150 invitations, out of which 45 were linked to the Express Entry program.

Ontario’s draw took place on 19th August, 2019 inviting 997 Express Entry pool candidates to make applications for provincial nomination via its Human Capital Priorities Stream. The participants needed to have work experience in one of ten specified occupations in order to qualify.

The foremost step toward pursuing many of the Express Entry linked provincial nomination streams is to hand in an Express Entry profile.

Here’s a hypothetical example of a candidate who would have received an ITA in Tuesday’s draw:

Coleman and Rue are married and are 32 and 28 years of age respectively. Each one of them possesses a Bachelor’s degree and has advanced proficiency in English. Additionally, both of them have been working as IT specialists for the past five years. Although none of them has ever studied or held a job in Canada, Coleman has a brother who is a Canadian permanent resident living in Ontario. They joined the Express Entry pool with the principal applicant being Rue. Their CRS score of 500 would have been sufficient to get an ITA during the 20th August draw.

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