For Work stream

  • You must prove that you have a diploma in the orderly field. It would help if you also ascertained that you obtained this diploma per the Quebec diploma of vocational studies provisions such as competing a full-time study program within one year
  • Your work experience during the last three years before your application must amount to a minimum of 24 months. If you are a foreigner, you must exhibit 12 months experience in health care role in basic care and 1-year experience in Quebec

For Work-study Stream

  • You must have one year experience obtained after graduation and within two years proceeding application date
  • You must be a graduate holding a Quebec vocational studies diploma that qualifies you into orderly studies
  • You must prove that you hold a diploma of vocational studies and Institutional and provide evidence that you have completed a Home Care Assistance study program

Food Processing Workers’ Permanent Immigration Pilot Program

For you to qualify for this pilot program,

  • Must demonstrate your expertise in oral French, exhibiting a minimum level of 7
  • You must have a high school completion certificate or obtained a Quebec recognized professional studies diploma
  • You must prove that you have two years of experience obtained within the last three years proceeding with your application, and it must be from an eligible sector in Quebec.

The Occupations that remain Eligible in this category include:

NOC 9462: Meat cutter, poultry preparer, and Industrial butcher
NOC 9617: Beverage and food processing workers
NOC 9618: Seafood and fish workers
NOC 6732: Professional cleaners
NOC 9461: Beverage and food processing machine and industrial operators
NOC 8431: Farm/ agricultural employee (chicken picker)
NOC 9463: Plant employee in sea processing industries

On The Bottom Line

The three programs target up to 1,650 principal applicants annually. The best part is that you can immigrate with your family once you receive Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ). However, remember that you can only be selected if you are an employee in the eligible sectors. Good luck!

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