8th September 2022! The day when Quebec invited 1202 skilled employees to apply for permanent selection. While Quebec doesn’t typically release draw outcomes until around one to two weeks after draws, this one appears to be the 10th and largest draw in the Arrima Expression of interest system in 2022.

If you were a candidate in this program, you had to have a profile in the Arrima Expression of interest system. You also had to have a score of at least 620 points. Anyone invited to apply for permanent selection has not more than 60 days to submit their application, including paying for processing fees.

According to Quebec, it will take six months to process complete applications from the day it receives all the required information, including all forms and documents.

Suppose everything goes as planned, and let’s say you are a candidate. In that case, you will get a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate before using this document to apply for permanent residence to the Canadian federal government.

British Columbia

Did you know British Columbia holds a provincial nomination draw weekly? And this time, on 21st September, British Columbia invited over 352 candidates to apply for provincial nomination. Most of them, about 341 candidates, received invitations in a targeted draw for tech occupations.

The invitations were distributed among candidates in the International Graduates and Skilled Worker categories, including Express Entry candidates. We have learned that the draw also included Semi-Skilled and Entry-Level candidates.

What about the minimum Skills Immigration Registration System score for the targeted regional draw? It ranged from 91 for Skilled Workers with Express Entry to 70 for Semi-Skilled and Entry-Level candidates. And yes, you guessed it right! Although the Skills Immigration Registration System or SIRS is a dynamic intake management system, it acts more like the Express Entry CRS. However, it is only used for PNP in British Columbia.

It is also essential to note that the province also held rounds of invitations for candidates working in occupations such as healthcare workers with scores of more than 60 points. That also included 11 early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) with scores of over 60 points.

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