Candidates who qualify for Express Entry must be willing to provide documentation proving the following;

Work Experience

All candidates must prove that they have a minimum of one year paid and full-time experience. If they have been working part-time, it must be the equivalent of one-year experience. The work experience must be in a skilled trade occupation as stated by the province.

Trade Certification

The candidate must have a valid certification or license in their line of work. The license should be from the Ontario College of Trades. Candidates do not need to be working at the time of application.

Residence in Ontario

The candidate should provide proof that they are currently working in Ontario. They should have a work permit at the time of application.

Settlement Funds

The candidate must have the minimum level settlement funds. They can provide this proof through their bank statements or annual earnings.


Candidates must demonstrate their willingness to live in Ontario. They can do this by providing a list of the ties they have established.


All candidates must have a minimum of CLB 5 in French or English. The test is based on a candidate’s ability to speak, write, read, and listen. The results of a language test must be from organizations that are recognized by the government.

If a candidate is nominated for permanent residence through the Skilled Trades Steam, they earn 600 additional CRS points. They are guaranteed an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry System. The first step for every candidate is to enter the Express Entry pool.

Candidates in the Express Entry pool do not apply to the OINP under the Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream. They must have an NOI first. After receiving the NOI, they have 45 days to submit an online application to the OINP. It is wise for applicants to have all the relevant documentation for their application. If any document is in a language other than English or French, it must be translated

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