Nova Scotia: Express-Entry Application Options

Nova Scotia uses different approaches in selecting the most eligible applicants under the provincial Express Entry platform.

Unlike the first-come-first-serve selection process under Category B, the Labor Market Priorities Stream of Nova Scotia deals with Express Entry applications by persons with work experience in a specific occupation.

The Labor Markets Priorities Stream was launched on August 2, and issued the first intake process six days later, on August 8. It is yet to unveil the 2nd selection process since its establishment. The August nominations specifically dealt with individuals who have worked under early childhood positions.

According to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, the employment opportunities under the Labor Market Priorities Stream are created in a bid to satisfy the current labor market needs. Thus, they may change as these needs change.

Besides Category B, the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Program also includes Category A as well as the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Scheme. The A category is open from year to year and comprises full-time employment offers from Nova Scotia employers.

The Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream is also open throughout the year. Applicants under this program require a minimum of one-year job experience in one of the highly-skilled job sets. All applicants under the mentioned Express Entry Streams can only make applications after creating a profile under the Express Entry banner

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