Expression of Interest registration with the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program is a mandatory regulation for all candidates who intend to immigrate to Saskatchewan using the Sub-Category, for instance, the In-Demand Occupation. Moreover, this criterion also affects those candidates under the Express Entry pool. What is common is that candidates for both sub-categories are supposed to document with the SINP their Expression of Interest separately.

Principally, the Montreal based Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm senior partner, David Cohen, in one of his statements said that the SINP streams has offered eligible candidates a pathway although with working experience to pursue permanent residence and nomination in a restricted number of professions for the longest time. This depicts that the qualified candidates are allowed to apply for the Canadian appointments and even permanent residence.

Additionally, David Cohen further expounds that by opening these two streams to several other occupations creates the possibility of benefiting the labor market in Saskatchewan to a greater extent. Besides, by allowing more occupations to be open to these streams can also help various highly skillful applicants who visualize achieving better lives in Canada. Putting these occupations on the lists will create a large pool for many professionals to benefit. Essentially, it is crucial to ensure the streams are open to various professions to ensure that a full pool of candidates and labor markets benefit.

Submitting into the federal pool the Express Entry profile is the first step for everyone who intends to use Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category to pursue the nomination. This process is mandatory if you are enthusiastic about seeking Canadian designation or permanent residence.

To qualify for any consideration under the Occupation In-Demand Sub-Category for Saskatchewan, applicants are encouraged to develop a Saskatchewan Expression of Interest system profile.

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