There have been some expansions by the Province of Saskatchewan relating to the lists of occupations that are in demand and that are connected with both their In-Demand occupation sub-category and Express Entry. The in-demand occupations range from 19 to roughly more than 200.

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program, commonly referred to as (SINP) has two prevalent streams that usually do not need you to have working experience or job offer in Canada to have entitlement.

The Express Entry sub-category is one of the streams that are suitable for candidates or individuals with Canadian Federal Express Entry pool profile.

Besides, Express Entry pool entrants acquiring provincial nominations through the Express Entry sub-category by SINP receive an extra 600 points reward score towards their ranking. This commendably guarantees a Canadian permanent residence application invitation.

Comparatively, the In-Demand Occupation Sub-Category is the other stream that is usually presented to all the additional applicants who do not fall within the Express Entry pool or category. Primarily, entrants can apply for permanent residence if nominated outside of the Express Entry. This type of residence application is by comparison mainly slower and consumes a lot of time to complete.

Work experience, particularly in an occupation that requires highly skilled eligibility, among other measures, are some of the requirements by both the sub-categories of immigration.

Highly skilled occupations are those that are rated Skill Type O, skill level B or A under National Occupation Classification of Canada (NOC).

Moreover, the SINP currently lists the excluded 130 occupations rather than listing the presently qualified professions.

To this extent, 218 occupations remain as the professions that are yet to be made eligible for different classes of applicants.

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