Candidates who meet all the five criteria are encouraged to submit an EOI. Those who submit an EOI without having met the criteria will not be accepted. Unlike with previous Express Entry openings, the NBPNP did not give any mention of work experience in priority occupations.

It is important to note that an EOI is merely an expression of the desire for the NBPNP to consider you for a provincial nomination. It does not serve as an application. You need to create a profile and fill in the necessary requirements. If you score 67 or more points, you enter into the EOI pool.

What are the Rankings?

The NBPNP ranks profiles as follows:

  • Highest score;
  • Proof of training and experience in a high priority sector
  • Demonstrated potential to become economically successful if given a chance to work in the Province;
  • High probability of contributing to the labor market and economy of the province positively

What are the Target Occupations?

Even though the requirements for the opening do not mention any target occupations, The NBPNP targets people who work in various occupations. They include the following

  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Early childhood educators and assistants
  • Retail and wholesale buyers
  • Financial and investment analysts
  • Cooks
  • Managers in health care
  • Database analysts and data administrators

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