An additional of 600 points are awarded to an Express Entry candidate who has received a provincial nomination from Prince Edward Island. This increases the ranking score of Express Entry which makes it at the top line for an invitation when applying to be a permanent residence of Canadian. Express Entry candidates can also get an invitation whether they have jobs or not within the province. Cases have been noted before about PEI PNP contracting Express Entry candidates who failed to submit their application of Expression of interest to the province. This is because they may be qualified and match the labor needed within the province.

Expression of interest (EOI) system is employed by the PEI PNP. EOI system requires candidates who have interests to submit detailed profiles illustrating their work experience, languages, skills, educational backgrounds, and other more factors. There are six selection factors that EOI system uses: the language, age, education, work experience and the possibility of adaptation to the maximum of 100 points.

The candidates with the highest scores are therefore invited to apply for the provincial nomination which is done through the monthly draws. PEI’s Labor Impact category does operate with an EOI basis. It is also categorized into three streams namely; Skilled Worker, Critical Worker, and International Graduate. The candidates for the above streams must be either working for PEI employer or have an offer of a job from an employer from the province

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