How are the applications processed?

The IRCC is a competent body with a lot of training that they employ as they select the best candidates for the different programs. The draw for all programs is done when the IRCC has considered all applications in the Express Entry pool. This is done using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that keeps and compares scores. A separate invitation to apply is sent out to all candidates for the permanent residency opening using the scores from the CRS.

Since the Express Entry was launched in 2015 until the pandemic in 2020, the IRCC had been holding all program draws and all applicants had the opportunity to apply for permanent Residence. In 2021, the pool was reduced to only CEC candidates since they were already in the country and wouldn’t meet any restrictions caused by Covid.

How does Express Entry work?

The Express Entry process is a simple one, with only 2 steps. First, the applicants confirm they meet the standards presented in at least one of the three programs available. If you do, you can now attach your application profile to the IRCC website where you will receive a Comprehensive Ranking System score based on what you have to offer, and your skillset. These include things like your age, education history, work experience, and language skills. After every two weeks, the highest performers will receive the invite for permanent residence.

Once you get the invite for permanent residence you have 60 days to send feedback to IRCC so that they can process them within 6 months or less. The government plans to allow over a hundred thousand Express Entry immigrants per year by 2024.


If you have ever wanted to relocate to Canada, or get permanent residence, this is your opportunity. Ensure you meet all the requirements and put in your application on time.

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