• A convincing Cover Letter

Apart from an updated CV, candidates who wish to get a job, should have a cover letter. Cover letters serve as a prelude to the CV. If the cover letter is not well written then it is unlikely that you will be called in for an interview. It is the cover letter that gives individuals the chance to really sell themselves and convince the recruiter to get in touch at the earliest.

  • In-depth knowledge in the field

Prior to applying for even the most basic job an in-depth knowledge about the job and the field is a must. Candidates should either brush up their skills by spending time reading books or even look up statistics online which they can quote once they are called in for the interview. There is no point reading up things after the interview has been scheduled because then your mind might be too nervous to process new information.

  • Good communication skills

To get any job in Canada good communication skills are an absolute must. If you are unsure of yourself and never like to put your thoughts forward, then you should seek help from a professional who can help you get out of your shell.

  • A well rounded personality

Canadian recruiters like to hire people who have a well-rounded personality and are able to actively participate in a number of activities. They don’t merely want to hire people that sit at the desk and refuse to acknowledge the existence of anyone else. They insist that those interested in getting a job, ought to take some aptitude tests and examinations as well.

  • Practical wisdom and common sense

Practical wisdom as well as common sense is something that is held in high regard in Canada. Theoretical knowledge is something that is truly appreciated but it is not valued the way in which common sense is. If this is an area you are lacking in, then you should work on developing your common sense. You can do this by solving puzzles or working out mathematical problems.

  • Important documents in place

In addition to having a CV or a cover letter, having all your documents in place is a must. Prior to taking anyone on board, HR departments in any company insist that workers have all their documents up to date and in proper order. These documents include, medical documents, criminal records, look books/ portfolios, educational certificates etc.

For any individual seeking employment these same rules apply, but if you are seeking employment in Canada having a work permit is an absolute must. There are very few companies willing to employ people that do not have work permits. In the major economic hubs like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Calgary all employment related rules are taken very seriously.

Apart from good communication, there are various other skills which employees are expected to have. These include

-Time management skill

-Problem solving skill

-Technical Skill

Based on your likes, dislikes, personality and educational qualifications, you should seek employment. There is no point opting for a job which you know that you will not be happy doing. Getting a job in Canada is tough indeed, yet it is not impossible. If you are lacking in some skills, you ought to work on yourself and in time to come you will automatically get better job offers. There is no shame in starting from the bottom and making your way to the top.

If you are unable to work full time you can well apply for a part time job. It is usually parents or students that apply for part time jobs. For even the smallest job like walking dogs or babysitting, there is an interview conducted. These interviews might be face to face, via Skype or even on the telephone.


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