LinkedIn offers a wide range of professionals and companies, so you should be very precise when it comes to choosing who you want as part of your network. It is easy to get scammed by companies that are not legitimate. Such companies and contacts are more harmful than beneficial.
As much as it is good to have an extensive network, having a quality one is better. Therefore, make sure the contacts you accept are in line with your profile and the job you wish to get. Do not pay attention to marketing companies whose only aim is to grow their database. Also, be wary of people who only send you an invite after liking your photo.

How you handle your personal and business information on social media can affect your career. Never share information on job changes while still under contract with another company. Make sure what you share still maintains a professional look and never allow someone to tag you on a post that does not agree with your online goals.
Be careful about what you update on your status. A potential employer may overlook your credibility just because of a silly post on social media. It is never a good idea to post anything on your status when you are under the influence of alcohol or when you are going through an emotional situation. Avoid posting negative information about a business or general Canadian customs.

Thanks to the internet, it is not as easy to maintain an entirely private life as it was in the past. This fact is not hidden from employers, recruiting agents and head hunters. To make sure that you are always ahead of what information the internet exposes about you, do frequent Google search of your name and monitor the results.
Always ensure that the information you have online works for your good, especially when trying to build a stable career. Nevertheless, be free and enjoy the opportunities that come with social networking websites.

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