Fort McMurray will always elicit negative emotions from a majority of Canadians. It never ceases to amaze how many of these people have hardly been, yet they still hold strong opinions about this place. What makes such a city receive so much negative press? My two cents’ worth is that the dwellers pay little attention to what others think. They are simply too busy working and progressing in life.

Despite a populace of about 60,000, approximately 100,000 more people commute for work in the oil sand regions. The over 29 airports fly in people from across the world. The transient nature of the city makes it more susceptible to some lazy opinions.

A good number of workers are seen journeying further north to camps. They seldom set foot in the city. In a majority of these camps, alcohol and drugs are unheard. But as common with boomtowns with workers earning huge paychecks, the locals confirm that prostitution and drug abuse exists, but in isolation.

The diversity of the city can never go unnoticed. We can’t help to imagine how much culture shock the visitors get, especially in winter season. The city is a beehive activity with people from diverse backgrounds.