Lowest All-program CRS cut off since 2017

Minimum CRS score is the lowest score that candidates should satisfy to get an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a given year. For the 2019 first quarter report, the CRS score was 438 which is the lowest cut off for an all-program draw since 2017 when the draw was 436. The 2019’s 438 score is the second lowest score required for the first quarter of a draw. Sometimes looking at draws, the time between them can influence the lowest CRS requirement. Less time would mean less submission of profiles and subsequently less high-scoring candidate will manage to enter the express entry pool.

Express Entry and Canada’s provincial Nominee program (PNP)

Due to the use of PNP to select express entry candidates, most of the provinces in Canada have been extremely busy in the first quarter of 2019.Once they nominate candidates from Canadian province or territory, they award them 600 CRS points which put them in a better position to receive ITA. This year PNP will account for 71,300 admissions, and its main target is to rise annually in the three-year immigration plan of Canada.

Different provinces have different selection criteria and hold a different number of draws to select candidates.Different draws target streams of candidates with specific CRS scores.Some regions also publicly announces the draws using their unique entry aligned immigration streams.If you are in Canada’s express entry pool, you can visit their page and learn how to improve your CRS score and ranking in candidate’s entry pool.

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