Plenty of immigrants agree that the program is one of a kind. It gives people the chance to see the city and interact with potential recruiters before starting the job. The familiarization improves the chances of retention at work. Once they find work, the recruiters can move to the city with their families. The president of the Val d’, Stéphane Ferron, says that the city is one of the first ones to implement the project. According to him, the project takes pride in changing the lives of people. He feels that even though it may be impossible to retain all of them, the lucky ones may become Val d’Or ambassadors.

In 2019, Quebec may admit up to 42,000 new residents. It is expected to issue up to 24,800 selection certificates. Un emploi en sol Québécois is one of the programs that will make it possible.

Skilled Workers

The program is only available to skilled workers. The immigration selection system of Quebec is made to identify the immigration candidates who have the most skill. They are in an excellent position to help the province with its economic needs. Even though the province has plenty of employment opportunities, it lacks the qualified person to take it to the next level. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have the relevant skills before applying to the program. Other things that may be considered include; area of training, level of education, financial self-sufficiency, and employment offers.

As the success of the program becomes more and more apparent, more skilled immigrants continue to trust it. It is also beneficial to employers as they get a chance to meet qualified and skilled workers. The program is expected to show a lot of success in 2019

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