Successful candidates can apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec) or CSQ. The Arrima platform was introduced to enhance the immigration application process and to help meet Quebec’s labor market needs. Before the government effected this change, Quebec’s immigration system was on a first-come, first-served basis with delays lasting up to 36 months. Fortunately, Quebec has expanded the platform over the past two years to incorporate other immigration programs and effect new functionalities. The portal can now accommodate foreigners seeking to move to Quebec either permanently or temporarily. As such, candidates can move to Quebec not only through the QSWP but also through PEQ and the International Student Program.

Quebec’s Immigration Levels

Quebec aims at welcoming up to 47,500 newcomers in 2021. The new target is slightly higher compared to 2020 when the province was expected to welcome up to 44,500 new arrivals. However, Quebec could not achieve 2020’s target due to the coronavirus pandemic effect on immigration levels. Therefore, the francophone province is going over and beyond to make up for the 2020 deficit, which was between 13000 to 18000 immigrants. As a matter of fact, 7000 of the 47500 immigrants Quebec aims to welcome are added from the 2020 shortfall. All the same, the majority of Quebec’s prospective immigrants in 2021 will come through its economic immigration programs.

Quebec’s Application Fees Bound to Increase

According to a recent announcement by MIFI, application fees for temporary and permanent immigration programs will hike in 2021. On January 1, 2021, the application fees had increased by 1.26 as compared to 2020. The fees are meant to cover Quebec’s immigration programs for foreign students, temporary workers, skilled workers, and business immigration. Other fees are meant to cover immigration consultants, labor market recognition, and immigration consultants

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