The eight biggest chambers of commerce boards of trade of Canada are calling upon all political parties participating in the 2019 general elections to apply preferable skills training for no-native employees and develop effective immigration plans.

In a media conference the president of the chamber of commerce of metropolitan Montreal Michel Leblanc once said that Canada’s scarce labour market was at a risk that was caused by workforce that was made up of old people, nose diving workforce that was becoming less competitive, unimproved wages, and an increase in the skill gap. He offered a solution to this by saying they needed to increase their investment plans on the natives and have a good immigration strategy.

Talent Recommendations

To expound our workforce as the aged ones retires and guarantee businesses have access to the experience they need to prosper, the incoming regime should encourage facilitative immigration;

  • Uphold and make the global skills policies
  • Initiate a trustworthy employer plan
  • Maintain the universal students

Recent and existing jobs need increasingly extensive abilities, which the existing labour force might not yet have. To guarantee every Canadian employee can take part in the work market, the incoming government is supposed to invest in teaching, re-equipping and childcare:

  • Support native labour force participation
  • Locate a limelight on skilled trades
  • Make childcare services easily accessible
  • Reinforce employer-recognized and company training

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