Bye-bye, backlogs

The Express Entry aided in clearing the backlog, reducing the wait time to under six months.
The system’s draws offer candidates an insightful view of the required number of CRS points they need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to become permanent residents. During this year, candidates with scores between 439 to 472 received ITAs.
One can improve their CRS score by scoring better marks in language tests, studying in Canada, having more wor experience or securing an offer for a job, among other ways.Stronger labor market integration

There is a high indication that the Express Entry System will assist candidates to score highly due to fairness in awarding points. It is, however, not clear to tell if it will help immigrants enjoy better economic prospects.

Young candidates who are highly educated, proficient in French and English and have experience working in Canada are more likely to achieve a high CRS. Additionally, candidates who have a provincial nomination, have siblings in Canada or job offer receive additional points.

Two-tier system

There are no limitations with the Express Entry system’s two-tier application system. Applicants can receive permanent residence status in less than six months, while applicants to Quebec and those under the federal government program have to wait longer to receive permanent residency. The federal government requires 18 months to process non- Express Entry PNP applications. Such delays erode people’s confidence in PNP and disadvantage efforts by the Canadian government to promote economic development. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the four Atlantic provinces use PNP to admit most of their economic immigrants.

Canada also faces a challenge in its endeavor to promote the immigration of Francophone communities beyond Quebec, with only 4% of Express Entry candidates in 2018.

Express Entry meeting expectations

Generally, the Express Entry system has more advantages compared to its disadvantages and is achieving its set objectives. The federal government has also been flexible on policy implementation through the introduction of reforms that allow feedback from stakeholders. For instance, under the CRS, international students can, at present, get 30 additional points.

The Express Entry system continues to be relooked by the federal government to help improve its performance.

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