As for the remaining three categories which are exports, tourism and culture; Canada was able to maintain steady rankings. The exports category measures the opinions of a country’s products and services.

The tourism category measures the level of interest in visiting a country, in other words here it looks at why people would want to visit your country by taking in to account tourist attractions and much more.

The culture category assesses the opinions of the rest of world for a specific country’s heritage and their appreciation for its culture including art and sport.

Canada has managed to remain in the top 3 overall Nation Brands Index for the past couple of years. However, this year Canada came in the second position just after Germany which has been in the top spot for the past 5 years. Germany does well in exports, immigration and culture.

Canada dethroned the U.K for the second-place spot which it help in the previous year. The U.K then dropped to fifth place overall. It does maintain a positive overall ranking for views of its culture, exports and immigration and investments. Its weaker categories are in global perceptions of its people and governance.

So you might be wondering, what is the importance of the NBI? Well it helps nations create strong and positive brands and when a nation has a strong and positive brand internationally it makes it more attractive to tourists, highly skilled workers and investors. A strong and positive brand also makes a nation more resilient to financial crises and it can better sustain higher prices.

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