What Are the Earning Prospects of Canadian Residency Recipients?

Past research bids seeking to determine the most influential factors in determining the earning capability of immigrants under the Express Entry Programs have shown that pre-landing work experience, language ability, and education are the top influencers that determine the level of earning that any immigrant can reach. The pre-landing work experience was a significant influencer in determining one’s economic status compared to the rest of the factors.

The Express Entry Program and COVID-19 Prompted Delays

Past Express Entry Program applications have gotten fast and clean processing, but the 2020 December entries of the program had to get paused because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated some slowdown. The challenge led to an 18-months delay. Only Provincial Nominee CEC candidates were granted invitations to apply during this period. The COVID-19 pandemic also prompted a pause in the September 2021 CEC draws.

Do You Have the Plan to Be Part of the Canadian Populace?

If you’re part of the people who would wish to join the Canadian populace and team, welcome to the 2023 and 2025 plans. The IRCC creates and outlines a new plan for the number and quality of immigrants it hopes to welcome into Canada.

The organization breaks down the prospective immigrant classes and their respective programs. In 2022, the Immigration Levels Plan seeks to invite 55 900 new immigrants under the Express Entry Plan. Canada has admitted approximately 28 000 new residents under the Express Entry Plan between January and August 31st. The levels of immigration are expected to continue rising, and a new immigration plan may get announced by November 1st 2022. So, if you’re interested in becoming part of the Canadian dream, then it’s time to apply for the Canadian Express Entry Program.

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