This happened during the draw on August 20th that was held only eight days after the draw held on August 12th. The minimum points thereby decreased to 457 from 466. However, there was a tie break in the draw held on September 4th and the one which was held on August 23rd. This means all the applicants with a score of 463 automatically receive ITA.

The applicants who scored below the cutoff point have various options on how they can increase their scores through the provincial nomination. This program can help the candidate achieve 600 CRS points and thus has a guarantee to apply for permanent residency.

Since the draw was held on August 20th, there has been another provincial nomination draws in Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. There has been a total of 170 such draws since the beginning of 2019. This is ten times more than the seventeen EE draws held in 2019.

Some candidates who got their ITAs in September include Ajay who is 32 years old. He is a master’s holder and has passed the English Language proficiency. He has three year’s work experience as a database architect. He is a foreigner who scored 465 points which enabled him to get an ITA in the September 4th draw.

Other examples are Antony who has a bachelor’s degree and has English proficiency. The same case with Nour who has a bachelor’s degree, French, and English Proficiency. Both scored 465 CRS points under the draw held on September 4th.

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