The people in Canada would also be younger at that time, meaning that there are more viable candidates in the job market and more people paying their taxes. Taxes allow the country to make improvements and cater to the people in a better manner. There will also be a large local pool of employees so that’s good news for employers. Business owners can acquire more capital and reach international markets as well.

Century Initiative also held that the possibility of more environmentally friendly housing in cities that are busier, is high. Immigration will also help the cultural sector become livelier and more successful in trade. Canada having 100 million people would also allow it to become more powerful in the world as a whole.

Canada’s Expected Growth in Five Years

Here are some of the expectations Century Initiative has for population growth throughout the years to come:

  • The year 2021 welcoming 401,000 immigrants.
  • The year’s 2022-2023 welcoming up to 421,000 immigrants.
  • The year 2024 welcoming 450,000 immigrants.
  • The year 2025 welcoming 475,000 immigrants.

The Plan on White Paper

The former prime minister wants a new national policy that will ensure these expectations are met by the end of this century. He claimed that the idea needs to be put onto white paper so that the government recognizes the seriousness of the issue. White papers are documents used as proposal that could change a country’s policy if it gets government and public approval, that is.

White paper has changed Canadas views on immigration before which was in 1996. Points were discussed in this document that laid the foundation of all future immigrations. Previously, priority was given to immigrants from commonwealth countries such as the US, but due to so many changes over the years with regards to civil rights, the country decided to change its view and lean more towards immigration that’s less discriminatory. Canada has been practicing immigration policies through an economic class program which is much fairer on immigrants from all countries. The Express Entry system is the perfect example of this policy.

The opinions of the general public within the country hold a great influence on whether this plan can go forth or not. However, if they are in favour of it, other plans can move forward such as improving the immigration system and life for immigrants within the country.

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