Canada is Still Inviting Immigration Candidates Amidst Coronavirus

Just like the rest of the world, Covid-19 has adversely affected both country’s immigration system. However, Canada is using tenable means to invite more immigrants in an attempt to achieve its annual target.

Canada has continued to invite more permanent residence through the federal Express Entry application management system. Through the said system, the number of invitations has increased from 8000 in February to 11700 in April. On the other hand, Australia has decreased its invitations due to the current pandemic. Invitations under its SkillSelect expression of interest system has declined from 1,500 in February to 100 in April.

The Reason Both Countries May Depend On Immigrants in a Foreseeable Future

Both Canada and Australia economies are struggling with an aging population and low birth rates. Australia’s media age is 38, while that of Canada is 41. Canada and Australia have a birth rate of 1.5 and 1.7, respectively. Birthrates in these two countries are way below the needed threshold to replace the population.

In the year 2018/2019, 82 percent of the Canadian population was contributed by immigrants in both temporary and permanent capacities. In the same period, 62.5 percent of Australia’s population growth came from foreign permanent and temporary residents.

In both countries, immigrants provide the much-needed workforce to stimulate economic growth. Without the immigrants, the two countries have to find ways to make their small labor force more productive. From an economic point of view, immigrants play a pivotal economic role in both countries. For instance, the income they generate to the two governments help in supporting the aging population

How will Canada and Australia Response to Covid-19?

While Australia is focused on reducing the number of foreigners it invites since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Canada, on the other hand, is inviting more immigrants through the Express Entry Movement. From the April’s increased level of invitations, Canada is still committed to inviting more immigrants into its workforce.

But we are all treading in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has become a significant challenge and a real threat to both country’s economies. No one can say how the future will be with certainty, but from the recent decisions made by the Canadian immigration ministry to elevate the levels of immigration through the Express Entry immigration plan, Canada is looking forward to having more permanent foreign residents to support its economy. Interestingly, Canada’s topography, history, political stability, and favorable policies are the four pillars that is supporting and will continue to support the country’s immigration plan once Covid-19 is gone.

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