Pre-eminent candidates are then invited to submit their aplication for permanent residence with the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program. If an express Entry candidate receives a nomination from British Columbia, they are awarded an extra 600 points in their Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking (CRS) system. This guarantees them an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the forthcoming Express Entry Draws.

Express Entry and the CRS System

A CRS system is a point-based tool that evaluates and awards a score to each candidate profile in the Express Entry pool. Once an applicant presents a profile to the Express Entry, they are awarded a CRS score out of 1200 points. Top ranking candidates are then issued invitations to apply during the Express Entry draw. Please note that you are assured of extra points if your spouse is not accompanying you or if they are already permanent residents in Canada.

More Points for French Speakers

French speakers can now earn up to fifty extra points with Express Entry through the CRS system’s ‘additional factor.’ It also applies to people who speak French as a second language and those willing to learn. This is a twenty- points increase compared to before when French proficiency only attracted an addition of 30 points. If a candidate has proven French skills but no verified English skills, they are also guaranteed an extra 25 points, increasing from the previous 15 points.

For candidates with a proven ability for a second language, they are awarded an addition of 24 points under the CRS core factors. Therefore, a candidate who can prove English and French ability can scoop up to 74 CRS points.

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