Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), a project which is managed by the Express Entry System aims to attain 67,800 new permanent residence admissions in 2020 and higher up to 71,300 in 2021.

Among those referred to as “enhanced” PNP streams are nine Canadian provinces and two territories that make use of the Express Entry System.

These streams typically have either low or no CSR score requirement but allow participating territories and provinces to select Express Entry candidates. These candidates are later on invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence under provincial nomination.

Express Entry candidates who apply for permanent residence under the provincial nominations have more advantage and come assured of admission. If one receives the provincial nomination, 600 automatic points are earned which greatly boost their CRS score and are therefore guaranteed of an ITA.

The February 5 invitation is bigger that the January 22 issue since the latter provided for only 3,400 ITAs, with the current invitation issuing 3,500 slots. However, the minimum CRS score was much lower then at 471 that it is for this round at 472.

For this Express Entry draw, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has provided a tie-break period and date of January 30, 2020 at 7:36:26 UTC. This in simple terms means that interested candidates who submit their profiles before this date and time and have attained the minimum score of 472, will unopposed receive an ITA.

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