Why Canada Aims to Maintain High Immigration Levels

Immigration is Good for its Economy

One of the significant reasons why immigration has become rampant in Canada and other western countries is enhancing economic growth. A plummet in population decodes a low workforce, a low production level, and, consequently, a shrinking economic output. Besides boosting Canada’s economy, immigration also improves Canada’s purchasing power, increasing the workforce, and demand for local goods and services. On this ground, the Canadian government can comfortably support its expenditure.

To Facilitate Population Growth

Eighteen percent of Canada’s population are senior citizens aged 65 and over. Additionally, the birth rate is as low as 1.47 per woman, and it continues to decline exponentially. This is a common trend in developed countries as women are more educated and empowered with easy access to family planning options. Besides Canada, other countries, including Europe, Australia, Asia, and mostly Japan, have been victims of population decline owing to this phenomenon. If Canada had not invested in immigration plans from the word go, the population would shrink to extreme levels.

If the number of senior citizens surpasses the energetic young population, it will result in a severe crisis in social services. For Canada, immigration has been one of the surest methods of facilitating population growth for over a century now. It makes it easy to bridge the economic and social gaps that come with a sparse population.

Canada has a Long History with Immigration

Just five years after its launch in 1867, Canada had already welcomed over 300000 immigrants into the country. Actually, only 4.3 percent of the population are indigenous Canadians. The other part of the population, even those who claim a Canadian background, descend from immigration.

The modern Canadian society is a synergy of immigration and multiculturalism. Currently, Canada welcomes 0.9 percent of its population in immigration, which is thrice the per capita immigrant intake in the United States. However, Canada has always taken in a higher newcomer per capita than all other western countries. When Canada invited over 400000 immigrants in 1939, it translated to 5 percent of the population. Today, a similar event would lead to the arrival of over 2 million new immigrants to Canada.

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