Calgary is becoming a major urban city facilitated by various factors that enhance its growth. In July Calgary recorded a 1 percent decrease in unemployment rates from the previous year to 6.5 percent new rate. The excelling job market, especially in the technical, transportation, construction and financial sectors are facilitating to the massive growth of Calgary to a big urban center. In 2017, it was put in record that 31 percent of the people working in Edmonton and Calgary were from other international destinations. There was a predicted increase to 43 percent by 2036 if at all the current statistics are something to go by in the future.

It was noted that the home prices for Canadian homes were significantly low as compared to the other major urban cities around the world. Top cities in the world were ranked by making a comparison based on the average price for a downtown apartment. Below we look at the cities that were leading on the list. Hong Kong at $3424 USD for a 645 square feet apartment. The major US cities were also not far from the same margin. The same apartment, with the same dimensions, cost $1410 USD in New York, in San Francisco, the same kind of apartment cost $1161 USD while in Boston, it cost $1024 USD.

The city prices for Canada’s metropolitan were recorded to be half expensive as compared to the New York apartments. Toronto apartments cost $764 USD; Vancouver apartments cost $699 USD while apartments of the same kind and the same dimensions cost $468 USD in Montreal.

For those who are looking forward to live and work in Canada, this is the right time to do so. The housing prices are becoming affordable year after year and you need to take advantage of them.

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