On the other end of life’s spectrum, our country’s birthrate reduced to an average of 1.4 children per woman in 2020. If our population and workforce was to replace itself, we would need to be at a birthrate of 2.1 children per woman. As the baby boomers retire, we do not have enough native Canadian children to grow into the workforce.
One of the most promising solution is inviting immigrants to cover up the labor shortages. The Canadian government will be attempting to increase its population by 1% every year especially through the economic class. Until 2020, the Express Entry program had been the main way for immigrants to get into the country, and as we get closer to 2024, we hope to bring back the Express Entry to its position.

We are working on immigrant reform

A bill to allow our immigrations minister invite Express Entry candidates based on economic goals was passed in parliament. He said that the expectation is for the retention rates for immigrants to increase because their ITA is based on economic need. Some of the factors that will determine this include the region an immigrant settles, your language ability and your occupation.

How you can benefit from PNP

If you meet the criteria for the Express Entry, you might also be considered for the invitation to apply for permanent residence. You will also be eligible for a provincial nomination, which if granted, boosts your score up by 600 CRS points. Getting this would almost automatically place you at the top of the application pool. The best part is, even with a score of less than 400, one of our provinces might invite you to apply for nomination. While your application is still valid within the pool for the next 12 months, you can take the necessary steps to boost your CRS score before the next processing and increase your chances of getting an ITA.


While our immigration does not give any guarantees, Express Entry increases your chances of getting permanent residency status in just six months after you apply. The place to begin is making sure you are eligible for any of the Express Entry programs.

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