When more time is allowed to elapse between different draws, more candidates are free to access between draws hence making more candidates to get into Express Entry pool. The entry can sometimes have an effect of increasing the minimum CRS score. This means that 17 days were allowed to pass between draws that are three days longer than what happens at the usual two week period.

A popular option is nominating via Express Entry-linked Provincial Nominee Program (abbreviated as PNP) stream. This leads to a boost of additional 600 points that effectively pledges an invitation that applies for the Canadian permanent resident.

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program consents participating provinces with their territories to nominate a certain number of economic immigration candidates with permanent residence in Canada annually. The participating province and territory contain one immigration stream that is linked to the Express Entry System.

The Express Entry-aligned PNPs in Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island among others have been extremely active since 2018. Three Express Entry linked streams are three in Ontario only. This is explained 95 per cent of all nominations that was given by the province in 2018

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