The Awarding of Express Entry’s CRS Points in Draws

Due to the high number of candidates in the Express Entry pool, the minimum score was reduced to 771, making it the highest recorded this year. An important factor to consider is time. Since there hasn’t been enough time between draws, the minimum score was reduced. Fewer candidates have time to enter their profile in the Express Entry pool leading to the reduction in points.

Candidates who submitted their profile before 24th July 2020 and had a score of 771 and above received an ITA. The deadline date and time get used to rank candidates with similar scores. For a candidate to get invited for permanent residence, the CRS score plays a crucial role in the selection process. Those who qualify for each program get a score under Express Entry’s CRS. To get the points, several factors such as age, education, experience for skilled workers, and proficiency in English or French.

It’s not a requirement for candidates to have job offers to qualify for the Express Entry. Therefore such candidates don’t get awarded the CRS points. Candidates with high scores get invitations to apply for Canada’s permanent residence through regular pool draws. The pool draws take place every two weeks.

After qualified candidates apply for permanent residence, the government takes six months to process the application. But the period only applies to those who used the Express Entry System. Other programs take more than six months.

Final Thoughts

Canada has several processes candidates must undergo for them to qualify for permanent residence. From the information above, it’s clear Canada continues to get applications from immigrants from different programs. The country continues to work toward its 2020 goal of welcoming immigrants to join its aging workforce. Due to Coronavirus, many countries have stopped their normal schedules. It’s a prevention measure for minimizing the spread of the virus. Canada has closed its borders, but invitations are still sent to different federal websites.

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