4. Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants (NOC 4413)

Teacher assistants support students and help teachers with teaching and behavior management. Though the job gained popularity in April 2019, the teacher assistants’ occupation recorded a tremendous 44% increase a year later (in April 2020). Thanks to the pandemic’s restrictions, various schools in B.C. shifted to online learning, resulting in the job’s popularity.
Fortunately, funding to enhance health and safety measures increased after in-class sessions resumed. The move also saw a rise in learning groups and teacher assistants, who will continue playing crucial roles in classrooms, whether the session is in person, online or both.

5. Technical sales specialists (NOC 6221)

A typical job description of a technical sales specialist entails selling technical goods and services to governments, commercial and industrial establishments. After the government declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020, the employment of these individuals experienced a significant drop. However, the employment significantly recovered two months later and has since continued to record a steady increase.

6. Cooks (NOC 6322)

Cooks prepare and cook food in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and several other establishments. The pandemic saw multiple restaurants with dine-in clients shut in March 2020, forcing cooks to lose their jobs. However, the closure did not render the individuals redundant. Various eateries shifted to online services, making ordering and home deliveries easy for their various customers. The increase in orders and deliveries saw a rise in the need for cooks, forcing establishments to hire professionals.
Additionally, innovators renting out commercial kitchens also needed to hire cooks. Though such businesses are not attached to restaurants, they prepare and serve food to their various customers. Thus, the demand for cooks shot up.

7. Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents (NOC 6733)

While janitors and caretakers clean and maintain commercial, institutional and residential buildings, the superintendents are responsible for the establishment’s operation. The demand for such professionals rose after the pandemic struck since there was an increase in the need for heavy-duty cleaning and sanitization to curb the spread of the virus.

8. Material handlers (NOC 7452)

The professionals handle, load, move and un-load materials. The demand for the job increased, recording a 91% increase in April 2020, thanks to an increase in the need to load and unload items, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

9. Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511)

Truck drivers operate heavy trucks, transporting goods inter-provincially and internationally to various industries. To address the needs of these professionals during the pandemic, the B.C. government and the B.C Truckers Association made changes on various issues, including inspection stations.

10. Underground production and development miners (NOC 8231)

The professionals drill, blast and operate mining machinery to extract coal and ore in underground mines. The individuals also build tunnels and passageways, making it easier for them to perform mining operations.

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