6. Construction inspectors (NOC 2264)

As a construction inspector, your job is to inspect new and existing infrastructure to ensure buildings are up to the correct standards. Employment opportunities come from the government, construction companies, and architectural and civil engineering consulting firms. It is also possible to pursue self-employment. When the pandemic started, the construction industry was considered essential, which meant operations were allowed to continue because of the coronavirus-related restrictions.

7. Nursing coordinators and supervisors (NOC 3011)

A career in this field involves overseeing the activities of registered nurses in health care institutions. In April 2020, employment in this occupation increased significantly compared to the previous year. When the pandemic struck, demand for nursing coordinators increased significantly, primarily because of their role in inpatient care.

8. Pharmacists (NOC 3131)

As a pharmacist, you must dispense prescriptions to patients and provide consultative services to health care practitioners. You can find employment in retail pharmacies or can pursue self-employment. On the other hand, industrial pharmacists specialize in retail and development and get employed by pharmaceutical companies and government departments and agencies. Over the last few years, pharmacists in Alberta have being involved in the health sector more. They now have the clearance to administer vaccines, modify prescriptions and manage various conditions making their job outlook very promising.

9. Family, marriage and other related counselors (NOC 4153)

These are professionals who help other people to overcome personal problems and achieve their goals. You can get work opportunities in this occupation in counseling centers, government agencies, or private practice. During the pandemic, mental health has been a significant concern. The demand for counselors has increased in Alberta as a result.

10. Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers (NOC 4165)

Working in this occupation means you are required to produce reports and administer healthcare policies. Employment opportunities come from the government, consulting establishments, universities, hospitals, and non-governmental and international organizations. The pandemic has led to increased demand for this career path as Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers were tasked with deciding how to respond to the direct impact of the coronavirus.

While many jobs were negatively affected by the pandemic, some flourished, and their demand even increased. The above are some perfect examples and a reason to consider a career path in those fields.

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