(1) New Message from our Immigration Advisor

Do you want a Personalized Phone Consultation?

YES, I WANT A PHONE CONSULTATION I'D LIKE TO EMAIL YOU MY QUESTION We have recorded the video above, in response to all of you who asked us questions similar to these: “Will you please take my case?”  “Can you comment on my situation?” “Will you check my Resume & Reference Letters?” “Are they fine?”  “What should i do with them?” “How should i correct them?” “Can you take my Resume (CV) and correct it?”

Thousands of situations really, whatever you can imagine..

Of course, we’re trying to answer as much as possible. If you watch our videos regularly, you would know that we’re trying our best to uncover as much facts as possible, on the topics of Canada Immigration and Visas, How to determine your N.O.C, how to avoid traps, what do to & perhaps even more importantly: what NOT to do..

But there are limits!

Legal Limits, Time Limits (Time Constraints). Simply because we’ve got work to do & while still trying to keep that perfect work-life balance 🙂

So, if you’d like to discuss your case “in person”, we can offer you a Paid Consultation (One on One) It’s an hourly consultation. Whether you have something to discuss, or perhaps you’d like us to consider your case for Full Representation.

If you would like us to work on your case and in there are circumstances where yes, we will be able to talk (One on One) in non-general terms, but rather One on One. We’ll look at your case, look at your situation and we’ll take it in our hands for at least 1/2 or 1 Hour and discuss the (possible) outcome of your case!

Now, most of these consultations are done personally, If you’re already in Canada, or through Skype..
Again, it’s not necessary to do these consultations but it’s a great alternative to Paying some local so called “Consultants” and you know how those so-called local “Experts” work..

Do not waste your money on so-called “Consultants”. You know very well that most of them are crooks & we don’t want you to be spending money in vain! You know very well that we hate circumstances where you would be wasting your money..

So, if you’d like to discuss something with us, and you got a particular question, do not necessarily come to us saying:
“Sir/Madam please take my case” Instead of doing that, you can just pay for 1/2 or 1 Hour of (Legal) Professional Consultation where we will be able to show you a way (from A – Z) How to do what is necessary to get your Visa..

Still got questions afterwards? Then Yes, we might take your case then, but again, SAVE you money! You would need them in Canada. Got questions? Click here to book your consultation with us